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Why Be A Member of the REALTOR® Association?

REALTOR® is an officially registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®. Trademarks are unique terms, symbols or combination of terms and symbols that communicate a specific message to the public. They help the public distinguish among products, services or even people. We know that when we ask for a Pepsi-Cola brand soft drink, we won't get a Coke. And when someone begins a search to buy or sell a home, they should also know that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®.

In addition to having a license to sell real estate, a REALTOR® is a member of our trade association - in your case, the Northeastern Michigan Board of REALTORS®, the Michigan Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. Belonging to the REALTOR® association means that you have agreed to subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This Code pledges the REALTOR® to the fair treatment of sellers and buyers. Those entitled to use the REALTOR® trademark have committed themselves as providers of real estate-related services consistent with the Code of Ethics and the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence.

On the local, state and national levels, your trade association works to enhance property values and work closely with policy makers at all levels to protect the rights of private property owners.

Through access to REALTOR® owned and operated Multiple Listing Service, REALTORS® work with many other REALTORS® to assure the widest exposure and the widest possible selection of homes and property for sellers and buyers.

Through their professional membership in the REALTOR® association, REALTORS® participate in various education programs that further develop their skills, knowledge and experience.

As a REALTOR®, you have pledged to provide the highest level of service expected and deserved by your peers, customers and clients.




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